Monday, November 9, 2009

Ali turns 2 on November 12th although we celebrated early yesterday. We sure had a house full. Thirteen kids, their parents and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. It was so much fun though and the kids behaved well enough.
Ali was a little unsure of the smoke after she blew out one of her candles.

The baby doll set was a hit. Thanks Aunt Kim. She even slept with it. It was a playpen, stroller, and highchair set. She's been taking care of her "baby daughter" all day.

We got Ali a play kitchen and she got all the things to go with it as presents. I think Ty likes it just as much as Ali. He helped me put it together and is quite good at keeping secrets unless tortured by his dad.

Ty was not too happy about having his picture taken. Too much candy I suppose. Grumpola instead of Dracula.
OOOH! Scary huh?

I helped out at Ty's class Halloween Party. He's hiding behind the striped hat.
I had to dress up of course. Can you guess what I am?

Ali's Mom and Tots class decided to dress up also. They were all so cute.

This was Tyler's field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Casey surprised me by refurbishing my 308 Winchester and lining up his mom to babysit opening weekend. We didn't get anything that weekend other than sore muscles. The second weekend Casey watched the kids at the cabin while I hiked up and down several canyons. That evening Casey's buddy Ryan whose cabin we stayed at took me to sit on a clearing up the mountain and that is where I shot this bad boy. TA step up from my first buck (on the right). I shot it at 170 yards. My first one was 300 yards. I can finally say I'm a good shot. I never quite knew if it was just luck the first time. Pretty cool huh?

Aunt Kacie told me about a pumpkin she had seen that was wrapped in gauze to look like a mummy. I only had ace bandages and they kept slipping off. So Ty grabbed one and wanted me to wrap him up like a mummy. Of course Ali had to do it too. They were running around the house pretending to be scary mummies. It was hilarious. The finished products.

This was a while ago but we were just decorating cookies.

Ali seemed to eat more than she frosted.

Ali got into the markers. I had too try really hard to keep a straight face while scolding her. None on the face though.