Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home. Prepping for paint as we speak. I'll post after pics when it's done. The posts are being replaces and the gable will have cedar shake. The bushes and blocks have been removed. The yard will be killed off and reseeded in the spring. Just wait and see what we can do to this place.

A view of the back of the house. The fence is now gone. The house is being prepped for painting and Casey put in a gravel driveway on the left.

A shop will be in the far back and fencing will be erected along both property lines all the way back. The yard, I mean weed will be killed off before winter and reseeded in the spring. A new patio will be poured in the spring also.

This is the hallway to the back bedroom and a storage room that will become a bathroom to the right is a long room that is a toy room at this time but will become a game room eventually. There is also the furnace room and another storage area.

This room will have an eagress window, plumbing repiped and will be my office. It will be closed in with a door and have a built in desk and shelving.

This is the bottom of the stairs we plan to finish the basement later. This will have a sectional couch and flat screen tv eventually.

Bathroom #2 upstairs. This will be gutted very soon. Yuck. Good thing I know a good plumber.

Ali's room. It is tiny and hard to get a good picture.

Our room. Where do I put all of our stuff. AHH!

And Ty's room.

This is the upstairs bath. It will be worked on this winter. We plan to install a new tile shower with new valves and paint.

Down this hall is the kitchen on the left bathroom and Ty's room. On the right is Ali's room and our room. All of the bedrooms are pretty small. Eventually when Ty is ready to move to the room downstairs we will take out the wall between the back two bedrooms and make it a master bedroom & bathroom.

Much better than blue.

Taking the wall out opened up the kitchen a lot. For now we will get a new countertop and the paint helped a bunch.

Our New (to us) House

This comes off of the dining area. It has a laundry area, bathroom, a door to the back yard and garage and access to the basement.

The kitchen is ugly I know. The border has since come down and the walls are now beige. Much better for now. I changed out the handles and hinges to brushed nickle instead of brass. The sink is being replaced and my faucet installed. Next will come the dishwasher yeah! We plan to put an island with bar seating.

The wall to the right is gone opening up into the kitchen. The far blue wall is now beige in color (whew).

This is a view looking back from the wall with the fireplace. The wall to the left has since been ripped out to open up into the kitchen area. To the right is the front door and a coat closet. Down the middle is a hallway that goes to the kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Our plan is to redo the kitchen in about a year.

This is the front living room with a dining area to the far back. To the left is a big picture window to the front porch area.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baseball season is now up and going. Ty's having a blast. He can't wait to hit balls at Uncle Cliff and Aunt Shana's house again. They have a pitching machine and batting cage set up in the back yard.

My little crazy haired rag-a-muffin. I swear I do it several times a day and it still ends up looking like she's been thru a tornado. Welcome to the Johnson Farm. We now have Bailey(black lab), Pete(leopard gecko), Hopper, Thumper and Dinner(bunnies), and Harley(golden retriever). Casey's mom decided it would be a great idea to get Ty bunnies for his birthday. Not just any bunnies, giant flemish rabbits that get to be 20-30 lbs. Then when Casey takes the cage back he comes back with a little rabbit named Dinner. Just last week we adopted a purebred 6mth old golden retriever from a gal Casey did some plumbing work for. She is older and her son bought her as a gift. She just can't keep up with her. She is going in for back surgery and would not be able to care for her. The kids love her.

I think we're pregnant! So the bunnies were all supposed to be females. Turns out Ty's is a male. Anybody want some giant bunnies? AHHH!

I picked up Ty from school the other day with no front teeth and the start of a pretty good black eye. He pulled his own tooth out in class and tripped at recess and hit the support post of the playground equipment. We just keep telling him that chicks dig scars.

Mom does this look familiar. Yes your traditions are living on.We had a St. Patricks Day scavenger hunt. Now that is all Ty wants to do. Casey thinks I'm a big dork, but I enjoy them as much as the kids do.Lonny the leprechaun left a pot of gold and jewels for each of the kids.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a couple of sweet valentines I have.

Tyler lost his front tooth. (The one he chipped when he was 2) And the other is pretty close to coming out too. What a goof.

Ali loves to cook with me. She is my little helper. Usually she has on her apron too. If only she could keep quiet for a little while. She is such a jabbermouth.

Tyler turned 7 this month. Overnight he can do everything himself. He keeps reminding me that he is 7 now.

Tyler recieved two bunnies from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Ty gave one to Ali what a sweetheart. Hopper is Ty's and Thumper is Ali's. They are babies now but will grow to be 35 lbs. AHH! Giant bunnies. Casey and Ty have been constructing a cage for the bunnies. I will take a pic when it's done. When we are not up at our property riding motorcycles or snowmobiles we are at wrestling. Ty took first place on Saturday at our home meet. Soon he will be starting Little League also. Busy, busy.

Ali has a hard time not smothering Thumper. We have to watch her carefully. As soon as they are bigger they will roam the yard. I hope they don't eat all of my plants.