Monday, November 22, 2010

Ali's 3rd Birthday was a blast. We ended up moving it to Lorenzo's Pizza at the last minute. I'm sure glad we did. Too many people for my little house. And no cleanup yeah! What an outfit eh!
Utah 2010. We visited the dinosaur park which is always a hit.

Halloween 2010. Tyler was a magician and Ali was a fairy princess.

After the party Ali and Ty had to open every gift and try them out. They were up pretty late but had a blast. I should have snapped a few of Ty playing pet shoppe. They might have come in handy down the road.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tyler lost his first tooth. Pulled it out himself. It took quite a while and he is very proud of his new gap. He lost the other one next to it shortly after and now has a big gap that he sticks things in all the time.

We took a trip to Wallowa lake for a family wedding. We all rode the go carts together many times and had a blast. Grandpa even got kicked out for bumping. Ali was yelling at me to go faster the whole time. No one wanted to ride with me 'cause I'm the slow one. It sure is beautiful there.

Ali came upstairs like this one morning. Waist thru the leg hole. I'm not sure how she got them all the way up.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a little ham! Ali and her crazy hair.
Me and my little princess. It's hard to get her to wear normal clothes.

Ty's 6th birthday was a blast. Good weather six years in a row now. Pretty good for March. Our little house feels pretty small with that many people.

We had relay races and lots of games. Everyone had a blast.

What a cutie. Ty did wrestling this spring and had a fun time. He's learned a lot and wants to do it again next year. Now that wrestling is over we head into t-ball season. It's only just begun. It'll be crazy once Ali joins in.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ali won't wear regular clothes anymore. If I do manage to talk her into getting dressed she then has to layer her princess dresses on top.
The whole family got together over Christmas. It was really nice but crazy at the same time. Our family was sick over the holidays and my lower oven element went out while cooking ribs for everyone on Christmas Eve. What memories. Two weeks later and I'm still sick.

Miss Elena is all legs now and growing into a beautiful little girl.

I got to see Gavin for the first time. He is a cute little guy. I'm only sad we don't live closer. Miss you Kacie.

Tyler's school project before winter break was a family project. Glitter glue is the newest thing. He loves it.

More dress up.

And more....

Tyler got a .22 cal single shot for Christmas. Casey and Ty decked it out with a scope and sling also. They've gone shooting several times over the break. Too fun.

One of those rare moments that they aren't fighting.

What a goob!