Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baseball season is now up and going. Ty's having a blast. He can't wait to hit balls at Uncle Cliff and Aunt Shana's house again. They have a pitching machine and batting cage set up in the back yard.

My little crazy haired rag-a-muffin. I swear I do it several times a day and it still ends up looking like she's been thru a tornado. Welcome to the Johnson Farm. We now have Bailey(black lab), Pete(leopard gecko), Hopper, Thumper and Dinner(bunnies), and Harley(golden retriever). Casey's mom decided it would be a great idea to get Ty bunnies for his birthday. Not just any bunnies, giant flemish rabbits that get to be 20-30 lbs. Then when Casey takes the cage back he comes back with a little rabbit named Dinner. Just last week we adopted a purebred 6mth old golden retriever from a gal Casey did some plumbing work for. She is older and her son bought her as a gift. She just can't keep up with her. She is going in for back surgery and would not be able to care for her. The kids love her.

I think we're pregnant! So the bunnies were all supposed to be females. Turns out Ty's is a male. Anybody want some giant bunnies? AHHH!

I picked up Ty from school the other day with no front teeth and the start of a pretty good black eye. He pulled his own tooth out in class and tripped at recess and hit the support post of the playground equipment. We just keep telling him that chicks dig scars.

Mom does this look familiar. Yes your traditions are living on.We had a St. Patricks Day scavenger hunt. Now that is all Ty wants to do. Casey thinks I'm a big dork, but I enjoy them as much as the kids do.Lonny the leprechaun left a pot of gold and jewels for each of the kids.