Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a couple of sweet valentines I have.

Tyler lost his front tooth. (The one he chipped when he was 2) And the other is pretty close to coming out too. What a goof.

Ali loves to cook with me. She is my little helper. Usually she has on her apron too. If only she could keep quiet for a little while. She is such a jabbermouth.

Tyler turned 7 this month. Overnight he can do everything himself. He keeps reminding me that he is 7 now.

Tyler recieved two bunnies from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Ty gave one to Ali what a sweetheart. Hopper is Ty's and Thumper is Ali's. They are babies now but will grow to be 35 lbs. AHH! Giant bunnies. Casey and Ty have been constructing a cage for the bunnies. I will take a pic when it's done. When we are not up at our property riding motorcycles or snowmobiles we are at wrestling. Ty took first place on Saturday at our home meet. Soon he will be starting Little League also. Busy, busy.

Ali has a hard time not smothering Thumper. We have to watch her carefully. As soon as they are bigger they will roam the yard. I hope they don't eat all of my plants.