Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A view of the back of the house. The fence is now gone. The house is being prepped for painting and Casey put in a gravel driveway on the left.

A shop will be in the far back and fencing will be erected along both property lines all the way back. The yard, I mean weed will be killed off before winter and reseeded in the spring. A new patio will be poured in the spring also.

This is the hallway to the back bedroom and a storage room that will become a bathroom to the right is a long room that is a toy room at this time but will become a game room eventually. There is also the furnace room and another storage area.

This room will have an eagress window, plumbing repiped and will be my office. It will be closed in with a door and have a built in desk and shelving.

This is the bottom of the stairs we plan to finish the basement later. This will have a sectional couch and flat screen tv eventually.

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