Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our New (to us) House

This comes off of the dining area. It has a laundry area, bathroom, a door to the back yard and garage and access to the basement.

The kitchen is ugly I know. The border has since come down and the walls are now beige. Much better for now. I changed out the handles and hinges to brushed nickle instead of brass. The sink is being replaced and my faucet installed. Next will come the dishwasher yeah! We plan to put an island with bar seating.

The wall to the right is gone opening up into the kitchen. The far blue wall is now beige in color (whew).

This is a view looking back from the wall with the fireplace. The wall to the left has since been ripped out to open up into the kitchen area. To the right is the front door and a coat closet. Down the middle is a hallway that goes to the kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Our plan is to redo the kitchen in about a year.

This is the front living room with a dining area to the far back. To the left is a big picture window to the front porch area.

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